Thursday, July 22, 2010


Wow... where did this past month go?! I have been a seriously lazy blogger! It's been so ridiculously nice lately and I've been so crazy busy that I just haven't had time.

I have been working like a crazy person! I have a full time job at a non-profit arts organization during the week, but I also work part time as a server at a local sushi bar. The extra money from serving goes towards fun stuff like vacations, concerts, and of course, clothes! That way I don't really have to touch my paychecks for anything other than bills, rent, etc.

And with all the nice weather the last thing I've been spending way less time in front of the tv and computer. I live within walking distance of tons of restaurants, shops, and bars (and the two most important places- a snow cone stand and an ice cream shop!). Needless to say, I've consumed my fair share of snow cones this summer. Best combo thus far- cotton candy, blue raspberry, and watermelon. YUM. Now I'm craving a snow cone...

Striped Sweater: Truly Madly Deeply via UO
Hat: Pins and Needles via UO
Jeans: H&M
Oxfords: Kimchi Blue via UO
Necklace: gift