Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Over the Weekend

This weekend was quite a whirlwind! One of my best friends ever, Taylor, is getting married in May and this past weekend was her shower and bachelorette party. All of our friends who have moved away were in town for the festivities.
It was SO much fun. I hosted the beginning of the bachelorette party at my apartment... we ate yummy food, drank electric blue martinis, played too much obnoxious pop music, and showered Taylor in loads of stuff from Victoria's Secret.
Then a limo came to pick us up and took us out dancing downtown Indianapolis. SO fun. I am always up for a good dance party.

AND we saw some BUTLER pride happening in downtown. The windows on this building change colors with seasons and specific events happening around town... This week is a giant B for Butler. (If you haven't heard, Butler is in the Final Four this weekend, for the first time in school history! Go Bulldogs!)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bragging Rights

Just HAD to do a little bragging... I don't know if anyone out there is a college basketball fan, but my alma mater, Butler University, just WON tonight and moves to the Elite 8! WHOO! Butler is a HUGE basketball school and it was a great game! I'm really proud to be a Bulldog right now. Go Dawgs!

Over the Weekend

Here is a little peek into last weekend. It was my friend Sarah's birthday! So fun! Another friend hosted a party for Sarah at her amazing house. She has two full walls of chalkboard paint too, and let us go absolutely crazy writing all over her walls.

AND she had a whole bowl of fake mustaches. Here Tiffany and I are modeling our lovely staches.

AND there was an entire pallet of party poppers. There was also a DJ and an obsene amount of crape paper and helium balloons hanging from and clinging to (respectively) the ceiling. Let's just say none of the decorations lasted long... the balloons provided entertainment in the form of chipmunk voices and the crape paper became fantastic headbands, belts, suspenders... you name it.
Below are a few photos from a lower key moment on Saturday. I finally hung curtains in my apartment. I have huge patio doors that are amazing, because they let a ton of light in, but they were covered in HORRIBLY UGLY blinds. I love these curtains because they add a pop of color and are thin enough to let the sunlight pour in.

My new little plant, enjoying the afternoon sun. Let's hope I can keep him around! I am not known for having a green thumb...
And of course, I needed a photo of Olive enjoying the afternoon sunshine. Her favorite place in the whole apartment is laying in the sunshine on the floor. We call it her "tanning bed." When we open the curtains we say, "Okay, Olive, your tanning bed is open!" and she promptly lays down and starts panting/snorting in the sun. It's adorable.

Does anyone have big plans for this coming weekend? ALL of my best friends from college are coming into town for our friend Taylor's bachelorette party! I'm so excited!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bad Blogger

I've been so bad this week! I vow to be better. And start finding the time to take photos! And get the boyfriend back on board to take the photos. Ready, go!

With that said, these photos are from last Friday. It was BEAUTIFUL out and I was pumped to take some pictures, but unfortunately my camera decided to die three snaps in. Grr... So, I will be the first to admit that these photos are pretty crappy. Bad cropping and bad smiles. I blame my camera battery. :)

Swiss Dot Shirt: Kimchi Blue via Urban Outfitters
Black Skirt: Ecote via Urban Outfitters
Belt: Deena & Ozzy via Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Necklace: Gift

Friday, March 19, 2010

Style Crushes

The following four women are my total celebrity style crushes:

Zooey Deschanel
Isn't she everyone's style crush these days? I mean, seriously. She is too cute for words. From Elf, to the Cotton commercial, to the adorable She & Him dancing videos... sigh.

Jenny Lewis
Jenny Lewis wins the award for best hair and is my total hair crush. She has such a unique style and I love that she totally wears vintage babydoll dresses onstage while belting out lyrics and wailing on the guitar!

Penny Lane
I know, I know... Penny Lane is a fictional character. But Almost Famous is one of my all time favorite movies. Everytime I watch it I wish I was in my twenties in 1973! Who wouldn't have wanted to live in the late 60s/early 70s? A time machine needs to be invented stat.

Karen O
My boyfriend plays in a rock and roll band. So on the weekends for his shows, naturally, my inner rocker chick comes out. Give me a too tight, too short mini skirt, ripped tights, ankle boots, red lipstick, and a leather jacket and I'm in Karen O heaven. She wears the best stage outfits and totally kicks ass. Sometimes literally.

Now that you know mine, who are YOUR style crushes?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patty's

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! Although I am not one bit Irish, any holiday where you celebrate by drinking copious amounts of beer... I'm for. :)

Now go have a green beer or five. ha!

Monday, March 15, 2010


The title of this post sounds a bit more dramatic than it actually is... but I don't care, because I'm excited. After months of searching and missed opportunities to buy it online, I have finally purchased the nail polish of my dreams!

Essie Mint Candy AppleWhile I realize I'm months behind on the jade/mint green nailpolish train, I don't care. I still love it.

Next on my list of must haves:

A new pair of TOMS. I have the classic red canvas ones. I actually bought them back in 2007 at the Austin City Limits festival in Austin, TX. It was the first time I had ever seen or heard of them and now they're everywhere! Which is awesome because it's such a good cause. Did you know that for every pair of TOMS you buy, a pair is donated to a child in need? I really like the pattern on these! So cute for summer!

And this B Electro shower gel from LUSH sounds too good to pass up! I have been extra tired lately (blame it on the grey weather and daylight savings time change!) and I could really an extra boost in the morning!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sunlight Girl

It has been so beautiful out this week! These photos are from Monday. It got up to 60 degrees! And today... it was up to 70 degrees. I even opened up all of the windows in the apartment today. I'm in heaven. Let's hope this weather stays!

This dress is a little over four years old. I purchased it just before my 20th birthday to wear to a Sufjan Stevens concert. Such good memories. Anyone else associate an article of clothing with a specific time or event in your life?

A lot of my clothes get circulated out after a year or so. But for some reason I just can't bear to get rid of this dress! Plus I love how perfectly it goes with navy blue tights.

Olive loves being out on the deck. Lots of people, dogs, squirrels, birds, random sounds, blowing leaves, etc. to bark at.

Also, I'm totally in love with these shoes right now. They go with almost everything! My only complaint is that they make me TOWER over everyone at my office. Ha! My boss is 5'1", so when I have these on, I'm around 5'10" or 5'11"... so it's pretty interesting when I'm standing right next to her.

Grey Cardigan: Forever 21
Flower Print Dress: Forever 21
Navy Blue Tights: Urban Outfitters
Brown Oxfords: Seychelles
Necklace: Gift
Sunglasses: Forever 21

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Currently Coveting

Weather Update: It's supposed to be 55 degrees on Saturday! The news of this "warm" weather prompted me to do a little online browsing today. If only I had an unlimited budget... sigh.

Clockwise From Left-
Zip Line Top: $74.99- ModCloth
Aqua Sunglasses: $10.00- Urban Outfitters
Perfectly Persimmon Bag: $159.99- ModCloth
Nail Lacquer: 3 for $15.00- American Apparel
BDG Jean Leggings (or as my friend calls them, jeaggings): $38.00- Urban Outfitters
TOMS: $44.00- Tomsshoes.com

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sick Day

Happy first day of March! As happy as I am that it's finally a "spring" month... I have been sick for almost a week now. I finally went to the doctor and I officially have a sinus infection. Gross! Hopefully my antibiotics kick in soon and I start feeling better, because these last few days have been terrible!

With that said, I only took outfit shots once last week, since I was sick Wednesday through today... and was definitely not feeling up to looking very cute!

Today I've been lounging in my sweats, armed with meds, orange juice, and chick flicks! Whoo! Tomorrow it's back to work and hopefully back to looking like I didn't just roll out of bed!

I really love the above photo. Olive was just sitting there, staring at my run back and forth from my camera to the chair. Ha! Have I mentioned that I really need a tripod and remote?

I picked up this poncho last weekend at Forver 21. It was on sale for $7.99! How could I say no? Plus when I showed up at the office one of my co-workers said, "Am I driving you to school, or are you going to ride your burro?" I cracked up! Anyone else out there watch Modern Family? It's my new favorite show, for sure. So I don't mind channeling Manny with this outfit!
Poncho: F21
Necklace: F21
High Waisted Black Jeans: H&M
Grey Booties: Payless