Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cooling Off

Man, it was HOT this weekend! While I really enjoy summertime and everything that comes with it (minus mosquitos, of course) the weather last weekend was brutal!

The only other beef I have with summer is that I don't do very well in extreme heat and humidity. As my mom says, I'm a "fragile flower". This is gross, but I sweat at the drop of a hat. I don't even try to look cute at festivals or other day-long outdoor events anymore. It's a total lost cause.

Also, I barely tan and burn to a crisp without my SPF 50 (yes... I use 50... don't judge.) My year round freckles do become PRETTY amazing in the summer though. I used to hate them, but now I've accepted my specks and love them.

On Sunday though, we finally got some relief in the form of a huge thunderstorm. I'm not a fan of storms, but I was so thankful for this one! This entire week has been beautiful as a result. Mid-seventies all week... glorious!

How cool is this pocket watch necklace? I saw it and couldn't resist. Also just to warn you, I was pretty much a walking Target advertisement this day... whoops! I didn't even realize it until after the photos were taken. Slightly embarrassing, but who cares- I really love these pieces together!

Striped Tank Top: Target
Pink Ruffle Skirt: Target
White Flats: Target
Pocket Watch Necklace: Vintage


  1. Love your outfit & that necklace is sublime!
    I am totally the same - not the sweating, but the getting flustered, often a heat rash and having to re-apply sunscreen every couple of hours...

    Summer sucks :D

  2. I am a walking Target advertisement almost every, single day. And I LOVE the stripes with that frilly pink!